Welcome to Prakashography House


My Background

||Greetings Everybody||

My name is Harsh Prakash and I am from Mumbai, India. By education I am an engineer but a Photographer by heart. As we know the term Photography is coined from two words where Photo means light and Graphy means drawing, similarly Prakashography is coined from the word Prakash means light in hindi and Graphy means drawing and 'o' Simply play of words.


My Interests

I am a Fashion Photographer graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Photography, Dadar(NIP). My interest for photography started cultivating from my XIIth grade, clicking photos using my mobile camera then Nokia X6. Seeing the photographer in me my parents gave me an opportunity to learn photography from NIP. This is when I laid my hands on my own and one of the first DSLR's by Canon as well, the Canon 400D with kit lenses. The lights, the environment, the atmosphere is something I always admired in this field and by just thinking of it makes me want to pursue the career even more.


My Vision

My vision as a Fashion Photographer is simple, to bring out the expressions of wow!!! and awww!!! automatically when people see themselves in the photos.

"Our Nature is a Photographer's canvas, Never ever try to malign it"